Beauty Pageant
2017 Winner


Miss Jolene Beauty Pageant, a product of the Jolene brand is an annual event that mirrors the beauty pageant entertainment industry as an effective tool to educate, empower and promote Self-confidence, bring out talents, further goodwill and encourage young ladies to express their individuality with poise, grace and wits.
The Jolene brand is a company that is steeped in tradition, grounded by its core values and principles as well as its vision “to be the company that best understands and satisfies the product, service and self-fulfilling needs of women – globally.” Jolene has proudly stood for beauty, innovation, and optimism for all women.
The theme of Miss Jolene beauty pageant is “The Total woman” which embodies “Empowering women, embracing cultures, and embodying the beauty within” and it visibly expresses the vision of this pageantry. The goal is not to pick the most beautiful girl as a winner just for the sake of it but to further meaningful course.

This event will provide a platform, for creative designers to display their art and equal opportunity for models to showcase their talent, boost their confidence whilst also opening vast opportunities for designers, beauticians, fashion photographers & models.
The success of this pageantry precedes the launch of the company’s perfume 98line, which the winner is taking up as one of her tasks. The winner of Miss Jolene beauty pageant would also be a sponsor of goodwill, a trendsetter for leadership, an ambassador for beauty (future of our cosmetic brands). The reign of Miss Jolene is 12 months and this remarkable queen will travel throughout the world to represent the brand in promoting the beauty, intelligence, and charm of women globally. She will have the opportunity to gain innumerable contacts, lifelong friendships, and endless support from diverse communities that will advance her status beyond imaginable outlooks..


We Represent

We are geared towards educating young women as we set to create role models through who inspire others to place value on education. We help inspire and promote talents by empowering through generating employment (to a number of girls who would participate in the pageant). The pageant has established itself a forum where potential employers identify the girls they intend to employ especially in public relations and the advertising industries
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